I need help

What do I do, I used to play infinite flight a while ago and yesterday I re-downloaded it so I have to download all the plane packs again, every time I try to download it, it gets to a certain percentage then it just freezes. What do I do?

Are you on the same phone you used to be on? Same Apple ID?

It could possibly be because of the internet connection?
This may also be helpful -


Yes it’s the same Apple ID

So how would I then fix it

Have you ever refunded all your planes? Also, could you tell us how far your device gets until it crashes?

Hello & thank you for contacting support!

May i ask how much storage you have left on your device?
Downloading aircrafts and regions requires additional storage space on top of the space already being used by Infinite Flight.

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It also could be that the planes say purchase on them, but then when you actually click on them it might download since you used to have it.

I had deleted some apps there and now I have 1.3G. Would that be enough?

Thank you for the help, it’s working now I had to delete some apps to get more storage. Thanks again


That’s great news!
Have a nice day and don’t hesitate to contact us if any further assistance is needed.