I need help!

I’m running the Version on the old Samsung Galaxy J5. I can’t connect to the Multiplayer, can’t access planes and can’t see one third of the screen. I can’t use the AutoPilot.

Thank you for contacting support! We look forward to working with you to resolve the issue.

Users have reported a problem with the interface being oversized on their device, which we have learned is isolated to the specific Samsung devices listed below:

  • Samsung on5
  • Samsung A5
  • Samsung J5
  • Samsung A7
  • Samsung A9Pro

The issue typically occurs after updating to Android 6. This is a firmware issue that the manufacturer or cellphone service provider has not corrected. We are currently 100% dedicated to our new major development of Global Flight. If your manufacturer or carrier does not push a patch correcting their firmware bugs by our Global Flight release, we will evaluate the issue further and explore options to correct the issue from our end.

I appreciate you allowing me to assist you today and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards, Sebastian.


damn bb8 you’re quick. 1 minute response time


How do I connect to multiplayer? It doesn’t work on my device.

I would need to be a bit more specific. What happens when you tap ”Fly Online”? :)

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You have to purchase a subscription to fly online… if that’s your problem

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There it says “Connect to Facebook” or “Connect to Google”. I have no facebook, so I clicked on “Connect to Google”. I chose my Google Account and clicked accept. It loaded, then there was the Google Screen. But it didn’t load ingame. :/

Have you bought an online subscription?

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How do I buy that? I don’t know anything about it…

You can use the google play store or the infinite-flight.com
1 month of live is 5 USD
1 year of live is 50 USD which also comes w/ all planes and regions during that year.

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So everything seems fine after you’ve signed in to your Google account but it seems like Infinite Flight fails to recognize you signing in. Do i understand you correctly?

Do you have developer options turned on in your phone? If so, please turn them off.
Also check that your browser have cookies allowed.
Both if the options above can in some cases cause similar issues as the one you’re describing.

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I’ve got Developermode of, Cookies allowed but it still doesn’t work… Do you really have to buy it? If yes, could you please send me the link to it?

From where did you download Infinite Flight?

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dont buy the live on your j5. Its not going to work properly due to the screen zoom in

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From Google Play. I bought it there for 5.49€

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What can I do? @schyllberg ? How does it work normally?

As he said your phone’s software does not have a patch to fix it, if it is not fixed before global FDS will look into making a patch. For now I suggest you do not buy live or anything else as it isn’t formatted correctly.

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This may be a known issue, it’s stated in the post linked below. If there are any other support issues, it may be advisable to read this topic first -


Thank you very much @Jet_Airways_995!