I need help withFuel Burn

Anyone know a good way to calculate your fuel for a flight and a flight planner that also has Vance waypoints in it?

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simbrief.com is great.
You can use This tutorial to help!


Hello and welcome to the community. Glad that you joined us. If you have questions don’t forget to message me. May I ask what do you mean by Vance Way points? To answer your question about fuel burn check out https://www.simbrief.com/home/ for help. This will help you plan the flight. Also you might want to change the title to I need help with fuel burn. Not I need help withfuel burn.

Hey, welcome to the community.

I usually use FPLtoIF or Simbrief for calculating the fuel for the flight


Simbrief is what I use, it’s easy to create an account (which is free from what I remember). You can create custom routes with a wide variety of aircraft to choose from. You can choose to take basically everything you need for the flight. Wether it be more reserve fuel, step-climbs, and some formats even give V-Speeds. Specially the JetBlue (JBU) format, it doesn’t give V-Speeds for every aircraft but a wide range are supported. (737, 777-200, 777-300, A320 series, etc.) Overall, it’s pretty simple to use and it’s really accurate!

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