I Need Help with the SID

Hey Everyone!

I’m trying to add a SID from YMML, and I’m going to be flying to YSSY! But I’m having issues with the SID! It shows another line going direct to YSSY!

Can someone help?


Could you press the Map button on the right hand corner of your screen? That way we can see what sids and stars you actually put in.

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Ok let me go back and check!

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It’s the DOSAL1 departure!

Could you show us a picture please? I haven’t memorized all the departures all over the world 🙃

Here you go!

It seems to me as if you have inserted the SID at the end of the flight Plan. Move it to the top via the arrows and you should be all good.

Oh ok! Thanks!

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More on the new features can be found here:

Glad I could help!

Ok Thank you!

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