I need help with something

I need help. I am flying LAX-TPE and my Live Status just crashed. I have checked my wifi and cellular connection and everything is working and strong. I got a notification about share something with infinite flight and I said don’t allow and I think it did something. I want to get back onto the live server.

Restart the device that should work :)

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Maybe double check your settings specific to IF on your device?? I’m guessing your pro subscription is active still

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I did :(((. I looked at all the recommended responses with topics like this and it seems that I couldn’t record any of the XP or flight time, but yet when I logged out of the flight, it still counted all the XP and flight time. Now I’m just somewhat bummed and confused.

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Have you possibly checked your Phone Storage?

I’ve had this happen and I tap the little red exclamation point and then tap the words “Live Server”. This seems to restart the connection to the server (or so it seems).


Can I ask, how long was the notification on the screen for before being dismissed by yourself?

If the notification is on the screen for a prolonged period of time, the notification causes Infinite Flight to go to the background therefore losing the connection to the live server. If the Infinite Flight application is in the background for a period of time, it won’t allow you to reconnect back to the live servers and you will only be able to continue your flight offline.

I’m not sure how long it was on. I checked my flight before I went and ate dinner, and when I came back I saw the notification. I shouldn’t have pressed anything so fast 🙄😂

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