I need help with Infinite Flight's Public Servers

Hi, so I’m about to buy Infinite Flight Pro, and I wanna know how does the public server system work? How do I lnow which ATC is staffed? What counts as violation?

Hey, first of all welcome to the community! We hope you enjoy your stay. I recommend checking out the User Guide for all information regarding you questions. Happy flying!

Here is the ATC Schedule for this month (Expert server)

Here is the link to the aforementioned User Guide:


Overspending, taxiing too fast, being more than 60 seconds on the runway idle, takeoff or land without permission, etc

Hi there,
Infinite flight has lot to offer with a pro subscription. Once you buy a subscription here are the feature you get:

  1. Access to all aircraft along with the entire world, where you can choose your source and destination airport of your choice.
  2. Multiplayer mode, where you will be flying with like minded aviation fans.
  3. Access to ATC menu, where you can control the virtual skies.

Regarding your question here are the answers:
Q1: How do I know which ATC is staffed
A1: https://ifatc.org/ is the website where you can check what airports are open by ATC on expert server. Alternatively, ATC schedule is pinned on ATC schedule every month. You can check on ATC Schedule | January 2024.

Q2: What counts as violation
A2: Overspeeding, taxing above 30kts on ground. Apart from these, while on expert server, follow all instructions given by ATC.

Hope this answers your question. Any questions? I am happy to help, let me know. Thanks

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