I need help with gates

I always go in the terminal that the airline uses for Infinite flight, so it is more realistic, but i am having problems with this

flightaware does not work, it rarely says what terminals
FlightStats does not work, it can never recognize the flight number
many outher websites can also not get the flight number

Are there any websites that work?

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There is no definitive terminal airlines use or any source. Airlines can change their gates or terminal at any time if they want. It’s possible to use FR24 but then you have to find the flight and sometimes there is no flights that day and it’s tedious.

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Flight Radar 24,

or, it’s it’s Dublin, simply PM me 😉

Which airport are you trying to find info for?

San Francisco
and Warsaw

However it is not just those airports, it is 80% of airports that do not work

I would recommend FR24, you just need to search up your flight, turn the map onto satellite and you should be able to see which gate the aircraft began at :) For example, this flight from SFO - LAX


In Warsaw’s case, it doesn’t have multiple terminals, at least to my knowledge. This applies to most single-terminal airports, so keep that in mind.

In SFO’s case. You can google (Airline) Terminal San Francisco Airport. And it should be fairly easy to find the correct terminal.

If looking for specific gates, it’s a little hazy and information isn’t always available. To my knowledge, there’s not much of a workaround that is free. There’s not much harm in using a random one in at least the correct location.

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PM me if you need to find a gate at KSFO

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