I need help with flight planning.

Really new to the game…I’ve been reading all sorts of things about flight planning, but haven’t been able to actually make it make sense. I have been able to make a plan on the tarmac to fly somewhere. Is that the only way to do it? I keep reading people talking about importing and logging flight plans, but I haven’t seen anything that will allow me to do that. What am I missing? Please don’t just point me to another thread. Just help me out. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a great tutorial by Mark Denton aka SkyHawk Heavy. It’s not just another thread, it’s a video tutorial of how to file a flight plan 😉


There are some more ways instead of creating one.

You can import a flight plan by using Third Party applications like SimBrief. You can create a flight plan there and copy it to Infinite Flight. Please find more details below in the answer of DeerCrusher.

I know you said not to point you to another thread, but its kinda tough to help you without doing so. You mentioned importing flight plans. The thread below will walk you through how to do just that:

The link that is used to import flight plans to convert them into an Infinite Flight compatible form is right here:


Many people like to use simbrief as well as it provides a very realistic and elaborate view to the flight you plan on making. Check out the thread above if you like.

You can also download various applications for your device that make flight plans for you. VirtualHub is a prime example of one where you just need to simply enter a route and aircraft you intend to fly and it will generate a route.

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