I Need Help With ATC, I'm New!

Hey everyone,
So I got pro a week ago and I just joined training server.
But the problem is I am struggling to communicate with the ATC.
Here are some things which I would like help :

  1. Is Departure frequency and Approach frequency different ?
  2. What is Check In and Request Flight following?
  3. What is requesting flight vectors from Radar?
    I know I’m a noob, I’ve also tried using the IF guide and YT tutorials but I just could not get it. I would really really appreciate, Thankss!!!

Hi! Welcome! Please read user guide and there is a specific section for ATC communication :


After that, if you have still issues, feel free to DM me. I would be happy to help 😊

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OK, Thanks!

@CoolMoody Welcome to the community!

In addition to @Hamid_RB 's comments, the following I had just bookmarked as I thought it was an excellent quick additional summary to some of these type questions (even though it refers to expert server, which is the ultimate goal of course):

Also being prepared for

as they are experimenting with and practicing ATC after all.

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Hey there,

Let me try to explain:

yes, as their name states: they’re different. When you leave towers airspace after takeoff you’ll be handed off with a response of tower: contact departure on (freq). After switching to the new frequencies you simply reply with: check-in. That’s it, no flight following (!) or anything else
3) you call for vectors if you are of your filed flightplan or you haven’t any flightplan filed beforehand. Commonly it’s used for a VFR pattern. Just listen in to radar approach and follow their instructions.

Remember: training server might give you weird instructions as they are not qualified for Expert.



Thanks So Much guys for the help so far this really makes me feel better! @Hamid_RB @adit and @Black_Bird I appreciate it!