I need help with ATC at TFFJ!

Hey everyone,

I need immediate help! I am currently hosting an event at TFFJ, however, someone else is ATC. We planned that @Ignas04 is ATC. Can someone from staff please help me kick out that ATC? It’s on the training server.

The guy is called FXramet.
He is ruining our event!

Thanks a lot!

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Um, he’s a paying customer just like you so no, you cannot just kick him out.


But he’s ruining our event.

I understand that he’s able to ATC when ever he wants, but I had been planning the event for days, only to see this guy ruin it…

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He doesn’t have an IFC account, that’s the thing.

And you never know! Maybe he is actually a decent ATC!


We planned on @Ignas04 being ATC because we have specific procedures. This guy does not know them…

Well there’s nothing that can be done about it. Just do your event and hope he either leaves or is actually good.

Why? As @Jack_Q mentioned, he might be a good ATC, you never know. You may change to the nearest airport with access to ATC at the end of the day.


I hosted the event specifically at TFFJ, why would I want to change it?

And we have procedures, this guy doesn’t know them.

Surely he can’t stop you from using your procedures, right?

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Ok, I postponed the event for an hour. I think its the smartest thing to do right now.

Hey everyone, btw this is a message from the training server,


Can a member of staff help please? @DeerCrusher?

It’s not a problem… You mentioned that he doesn’t have a IFC account, so why should he be removed?

that’s actually a good point.

It’s the training server so there isn’t much you can do. It’s just unfortunate.


@Ignas04 got tower everyone! The problem is over!

Next time simply pm a mod directly or just wait for him to finish and log off. 👍

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