I Need Help With An Intro For Youtube

Hello everyone. If you don’t know, I am trying to kickstart my YouTube channel. I suck with graphics and intros and need your help. I need someone to help me make an Aviation intro for my YouTube channel. If you are interested, this is a voluntary job. Sorry, I don’t really have anything. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks guys.

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Hi I can try and help you if you want but it might not be great

I am looking for a decently high quality one. What do you mean by it may not be great?

Oh keep searching

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Look, I know you’re 13 years old. At that age most people don’t have that much money on their account. And it’s okay to ask if someone is willing to do the job for free. But don’t forget that something like that isn’t done with just two clicks and a little Microsoft Paint magic. It takes a lot of effort especially if you want a “decent high quality” individual intro based on your wishes.

I’m not sure if you find what you want if you look for someone who does that for free. But maybe you’re lucky. Just don’t forget that normally those things do come at a price. 😊


I know. I just really don’t know much about animation. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what you mean.

Check your PM’s :)

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