I need help with an ATC

You will be back on the Expert the same time you become Grade 5 Again

7 days+7days=14
7 days
I was already fulfilling 7 days before by a speed error.

I recommend you take a look at the toutorials so you wont forget.

No, just 7 days to get everything back.

Not wanting to be rude forget what?

thank you I’ll wait


Well I wouldnt say forget becuase once you recieve a go around you should remember this topic😂, but just to refresh your mind on using ATC during flight so you wont get ghosted again :)

Sorry, I did not understand

Please post your reply on sharemyinfiniteflight.com I would like to take a look at it

I would not go on calling someone a idiot because you got ghosted for not following instructions properly or in in-time. Keep your emotions inside and not let them out to hurt others feelings for no good reason. Keep the discussion professional and don’t use unreasonable words, thank you.


I avoid the ATC if you are operating I go to another mute track everything or abortion the IF only cause of this I do not like to argue with you I think a waste of time. I’m sorry but I do not want to talk any more I’ll wait and if I see that this is a normal thing I’m going to stop here and desistalar is a great app but this from ATC with information that I could really show serious failures, and I say this because I have games edited by me and I help a lot of people with games but I know when a failure is a failure. I could do the go around but the problem is that I only wanted to do that on the ground because I had already flown 10:59mn and I was facing the IF. failure.

my english is bad and my nervous is even more thank you and I will wait the 7 days ok.
I’ll really avoid events and things like that. There is difference in ATC and I saw it this week and I did not like it.

This should not be a topic at all.

Please send a PM to @Ethan_Hansen. He is the controller that ghosted you and the only person who is able to give quality input to this situation.

Send a PM to @Ethan_Hansen.

I do not know how to use this from @nome where, I feel people I barely know how to use this site.

Also grades and experiance is two different things that fact you are a grade 5 and you failed to listen to ATC shows that you need to first understand ATC instructions
second take responsabily for your own actions and what Tomthe tank said this shouldnot be a topic and pm the controller


That’s okay. I’ll make a PM and add you both to it so you can sort this out.

We’re here to help make sure you learn. There’s no reason to be nervous.

Without control

Did you divert

Please do not call people that. It is rude, and everyone here is trying to help you.


deviated from what?