I need help with an ATC

I took my first assisted flight tonight at an event.
I was punished for not understanding that tower for some reason that alias I really fight. Had I do go around only I was in front of the lane and was with an emergency alias I think the I.F. gave me a defect for the first time that I do not understand. I could hear the ATC but could not answer. I tried all the frequencies and no answer. I asked for help because I took an assisted flight with one of you and he directed me to write NORDO. I still had a lot of time stopped at the exit of the track trying to talk to the ATC and nothing. And even then I went to see I was punished. I’m very annoyed by this and seriously think about quitting and disabling my IF. Sorry for the anger but what I mean, here would be a great offense.
PS: How long will I have to wait to get my grid back to normal?point

Could you go to your logbook and find out who ghosted you?

You will be suspended from the Expert Server for Seven Days, or one full week

how do I do that

On your main screen, there is button on the left side that says Loogbook. Then, you will find a flight that says “1 Report.” Click on it, and take a screenshot and send it in this chat

Contact @Ethan_Hansen and discuss it in PM

Looks like you just did it. Contact @Ethan_Hansen for further information. I’ll contact him on my side so he knows.

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Anytime you are given a go-around command, you must follow it, no matter where you are.


Wait…you can’t both say you’re NORDO and have a go around command.

You were explicitly told to go around. What’s the confusion?

I fell on the track
I was almost 3 minutes trying to walk and without communicating any information do you think this is normal?
I fell on the lane, so I touched the ground I caught there.
I was almost 3 minutes trying to walk and without communicating any information do you think this is normal? I asked VA for help on the net and after that 3 or 4 minutes I started to walk with delay, nor do I know what is nordo I was instructed to change because I would simply disable the I.F. because it did not work.

Hey @demetrius_Souza please don’t take this the wrong way but recently you’ve made a lot of posts asking why you’ve been ghosted/reported etc.

It’s all a learning curve, in order to help you learn and understand can I suggest you look at the tutorials section? Or even go onto YouTube, there’s so many amazing and useful tips and hints on how to fly on IF, it’s helped me loads and I think it would help you too bud :)

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there is not a may day

It was not a landing I was falling on the track. and ATC did not realize that.

What exactly does falling on the track mean?


I wasn’t the controller, but this is what I’m seeing

You were told to go around at 1410z. At 1411z, your still on track and on descent for final. That’s probably why the controller ghosted you, as you were given ample time to go around


I’m sorry that this happened to you but if ATC tells you to go around DO IT.

Let’s share the problem. What do you say, how long will I wait?
I’m not going to argue with anyone, I’m just going to decide the following depending on the waiting time so I can go back to normal and I’m going to leave and stop using I.F. it’s enough for me.

fall on track = no control with too much delay.
I went frame by frame

It’ll be 7 days until you can use the expert server again

and back to being a 5 grid how much longer?

Also 7 days.

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