I need help understanding something

So, I posted in the Flightradar24 topic, not even 5 minutes ago, as soon as it was posted, it was hidden by community flags. I don’t understand why?

Also, it wasn’t about a plane crash, it was weather related. if that has anything to do with it, please let me know

Was the weather post related to flight radar 24 or Infinite Flight?

Send is a picture of the original. Just click view hidden flags

the post was related to flightradar24


You forgot an S in assess…so system flagged it because it was a flagged word.

As an English teacher from way back when said, always proofread your writing.

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It’s probably because of the word “asses”+s, which is a perfectly acceptable word but you misspelled it, and it has another word in it which might be causing an automatic flag. If this message gets flagged, that’s probably why.


ohhhhhh, okay, that’s why, i didn’t realize that. thank you!

Maybe it is duplicated?

To be sure this doesn’t happen again, double check what you say before posting! :)

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No, i just spelled incorrectly

Yea, I was checking, and I thought I had spelled it correctly, guess I did not lol

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Probably got flagged because it’s the plural version of the other word. If I said “as*es” and “assess”, both contain the flaggable word.

You need to post it here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/flightradar24-findings-part-3/

Yea, I posted in the correct topic, I just misspelled a word

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