I need help to find this user!

I am trying to find this user on ifc Captain Kyle723

Not everyone is on the IFC so you might not be able to

Edit: I’m stupid I didn’t read the first time 🤦‍♂️

Please keep in mind that not all users have an IFC account, I’ll try my best or help you out, though!

The closest thing I can find is @Kyle_D, my best guess is that he applied with his In game username. Sorry about that, if you have his email, I would send him a message. Otherwise let’s just try and see if he shows up.

They applied for my VA with this username

Yes correct

If you can not find them and you don’t have their email reject i(:

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Thanks for trying, but that isn’t the person.

this has happened to me before with my VA, what i did was i emailed them instead explaining what the issue is. The user then gave me the correct username and i found them. You can try that


That is what we are doing!


Could a @moderators close this i found the person!