I need help picking a route tonight

  • Detriot to Shanghai
  • Minneapolis to Seoul

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“Alexa, flip a coin”

‘It’s tails!’

I would suggest Minneapolis to Seoul on the Delta A350 as your approach into RKSI is beautiful!


Are you going to be flying realistically? Gate, aircraft, etc.?

If you are, I would say KMSP-RKSI because MSP is my home airport. If not I would say KDTW-ZSPD.


I would say KMSP to RKSI because you have more scenery arriving and departing.

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I think you should go for the Detroit to Shanghai one. Shanghai is very underrated but is quite a good airport. China also has some really good scenery from the forest sides before entering in towards Shanghai.

Which way are you flying @Blue_Diamond196? Are you flying inbound from the Pacific Ocean or from the Atlantic Ocean?

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KMSP to Seoul ofc. Not because MSP is my home airoort or anything. 😅 MSP looks fantastic in IF tho, I updated it with the correct taxilines and markings. Don’t forget to deice if the temp is low and use gate G4 for departure!


KMSP is fun to fly out of!

Both of them are cool!

I always enjoy flying out of KMSP irl so this is a pretty definite answer for me

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I usually do Realistic with all my flights.

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Pacific Ocean.

Then I’d suggest you go for the Shanghai one…

RKSI is good, but is kind of used too much. Shanghai is underrated and has some good routes.

Awesome! Then do Minneapolis to Seoul! Just remember…

Have Fun!

Maybe you could fly from EGLL TO EHAM AIRBUS A320 OR A319 MAYBE? Leo

Hey @LeoD,

The person asked for whether to fly KMSP to RKSI or KDTW to ZSPD.

Welcome to the community, by the way!

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50 - 50
Offf good luck 😂

You can fly in a Air China 747… always reminds me of this scene from Karate Kid: Detroit to Shanghai.

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Oops !
Sorry I didn’t see that.
Thanks for the welcome anyway

It has been decided Minnapolis to Seoul won 53% to 50% so Minnaplis to Seoul it is.

Discourse’s quick maths. Makes sense.
Enjoy Seoul! There’s some nice mountainous scenery around there.