I need help on this report

How to find the controller on IFC?

This is single engine dry thrust climb, and I got reported. I need a review on this call.

Please PM @Ethan_Hansen. He was your controller. Thanks!

contact @Ethan_Hansen in a DM

thanks. I couldn’t find him.

Clearly you were going wayyy to fast in controlled airspace. 500+ knots below 18000ft. Good luck with your appeal !

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But this is normal climbout in this thing. Climbing a fighter is like launching a rocket in IF. If you slow down you lose range.

We’re you in a fighter @ERAU_Hatsune

Yes I am currently in a F-14.

unfortunately it is not. You must remain below 350 knots in a controlled airspace until above FL200

I got ghosted by the same guy lol

Yes it is. I have flown this thing for months. How about FDS makes our engine lose pressure thrust as we climb so I can’t go that fast.

Ethan is controlling right now, he’ll get to you once he’s done controlling :)

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The only thing you could have done was to takeoff from a non-ATC airspace

500+ is still to fast you must have been lucky before. @ERAU_Hatsune

That’s the physics of IF for you :) I cruise at 874 knots with just 1 engine.

Why do people blame FDS for everything??? Can’t you just go a bit slower and control your airspeed until out of controlled airspace? It hardly takes 10 minutes to leave the 60nm approach frequency zone.


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I suggest you read this topic:


Because I lose 10% or more range.

Like I said before, then the only possible thing to do is depart from an airport outside of ATC coverage. You cant couple fast flying and ATC services at the same time. The only result you will get is a ghost, which you already got. Hopefully you learn from this and come out a better pilot next week.

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It’s not fast flying, is long range flying.