I need help! (Infinite flight live)

I need help for infinite flight live. I got my infinite flight simulator from the amazon app store. I am wondering if I can purchase infinite flight live from my app or from amazon. If anyone out there knows how to get infinite flight live from the app or from amazon please comment! (I want to do this from amazon or the app because I have a gift card for the amazon appstore)

Get it from the app

Tap on fly online and it will tell you you don’t have a subscription.it will have a option to buy one.tap on that

Get it from the app :)

its not there in the app @Gman @The_Gaming_Guy

Try tapping on live and it should ask to buy subscription

when i tap on live it says buy subscription from infinite flight.com and if i have to get my subscription from here then where do i get it from here?

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