I need help ILS instruments data!

I need help I was flying normally using my ILS instruments, but I updated the app today and continue flying and my ILS DATA was not there I mean it doesn’t appear no more??! Why?ill put a picture and you can see what I’m talking about

Long press on the ILS you circled and select the ILS you want from the list that pops up.

Thomas the first picture was before update the app, it was showing me the ILS but now it looks like this, it just doesn’t appear, take a look

You’re not picking up any ILS signal at your current position. Once you’re approaching an airport you will pickup an ILS signal.


Never seen that before. Btw, which update are you talking about?

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Climbing with gear down, too much thrust and too fast. That’s smart.

By the way, in the first pic you were approaching 02C at Singapore Changi and caught the right ILS. I don’t see any problems.
In the second pic you weren’t approaching anything, why do you pretend an ILS?

Reminder: ILS stands for Instrumental Landing System.

@Laurens, the poster is not asking for comments about his speed and gear down, let’s be helpful instead of first criticizing. Maybe because the poster wanted to make a screenshot this happened.


Same here, mine has always picked up the closest one as well

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