I need help from a real Aviation geek

Good day to all Pilots and air traffic controllers.
I love Infinite Flight for my iPad Pro and for my Android however I’m about to buy a computer in I need to know what kind of computer can handle X-Plane or Flight Simulator X steam Edition while running Graphics at their highest

Try the Chillblast PC’s - they’re excellent for Flight Simulators



I have the new iMac for my X-Plane 11. It’s 5K too! I recommend it, other than the price,


Please remember that this is an Infinite Flight forum. If you are concerned about computers being able to run a different flight sim, I suggest you go to their forum.


You wouldn’t necessarily need an AvGeek to tell you this, as most likely any Tech Geek, or someone who generally uses a computer for gaming could tell you.

Like @MrMrMan stated:

This forum is completely based off of Infinite Flight. If you need help for a computer, just go to any platform related to X-Plane or FSX, and they will most likely give you a definitive answer.


There are other communities dedicated to other sims. This is an infinite flight community.