I need help for my VA's webpage & tips for Discord

Hello there! First of all I’m not sure if this is the right area if not, I ask a favour to our admins to move it into the right section. I was between General and Developers but couldn’t really find out where to open this topic…
Anyways, I applied to be an ATC on expert server and apart than the atc, I’m building my own VA’s webpage and I need a little help.

I don’t have enough Thrust Level to make my VA officially approved by infinite flight (yet) but I started preparations so once I get enough TL I will just send it for an aproval with the required documentations.

The good webpages I checked are @Ethiopian_Virtual , @TAP_Portugal_VA , @AviancaVirtual and @elal-virtual so far. I am pretty sure there are plenty more out there but these are the ones I could review and I really loved.

I also noticed most VA webpages have similar interface, is there a certain place to get that format?

Most Virtual Airlines in IF (I think all of them), have a system where pilots book flights and then start flying. All pilots have their own profile on webpage and the flights are registered in their history…

  1. How to integrate this system into my webpage?

  2. I also want to add a small test like all va’s when new candidates apply for the VA. I added a small form to apply but it doesn’t have that small test.

  3. This is the least important question, my priority is to establish a great webpage experience first. I already have a Discord channel from my previous VA (not on infinite flight and currently inactive but since it is going to be the same airline I will use that channel), but I just need update it. What are some useful bots do you recommend so I can add into the channel?

I appreciate all the support and help in advance.


@Okeanos hello!

So, us at Ethiopian Virtual use VAbase.com for our crewcenter. A little bit of cosmetic coding to make the website look good.


Answer to question one: It is called a Crew Centre and there are many ways to build one. I’m sure you can find how to create one here on the IFC in the third party tab or such. So far I know you can make one at PHPvms yourself, or on VACenter and VAHost

Answer to Question two. You can make your quiz on Airtable, Google or any other site where you can create questions and answers and view the scores. it is your decision! Some VA’s use airtable I think as well. I use google forms as I think its the easiest, but your choice! I recommended doing the best for you!

Answer to question three. It is fully your choice! I recommend having Reaction Roles bot, Aircraft Experiment, YAGPDB and MEE6/Dyno. I prefer these bots as I am used to them, and know my way around them. I strongly reccomend you having bots for reaction roles, so you have other roles for pinging. (i.e Announcement Ping) and also bots for Moderation, and welcome messages.

I might have to double check on how to make Crew Centres, however I linked two that I found good for a start. Good luck with your VA/VO in the near future! I hope I answered these questions alright.

I’d also recommend looking at the IFVARB FAQ Here: IFVARB


Hello, Ayumu!

@Captain_Ry gave a fantastic response, but please allow me to elaborate.

First, I’d like to praise your dedication to creating what sounds like an excellent VA—that is something we admire when reviewing VA/VOs.

Now, onto your questions. :)

While approved VA/VOs can feature themselves on official Infinite Flight registries (i.e., the forum), Infinite Flight is not affiliated with any VA/VOs. Instead, the IFVARB (Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board) oversees all VA/VOs within the community.

That is a great observation! For a website that is customizable via a template, many VA/VOs use Weebly or Wix. For a website that is customizable via code (PHP), vaBase is a popular choice—this is why ETVA’s and LYVA’s websites look similar.

If you choose to use vaBase, this is a feature that comes with the software. It is super easy to use and is automatically included with the website.

If you do not use vaBase, which is totally fine, it is harder to integrate booking systems, etc., to a website. However, using an external Crew Center, such as VANet, is a great alternative.

Like Ryder said, Airtable and Google Forms are great options. There are others, however, such as Jotform, which I really like.

I don’t have much to add to Ryder in this regard—he pointed out the main ones. I would, however, suggest creating/having someone create a bot specific to your VA/VO. For instance, LYVA has the El Al Virtual Bot, allowing pilots to quickly access our fleet, ranks, crew center, and website.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Have a great day, Ayumu!


Depends what you want with discord. Bots, control, commands, etc. I coded my own bots but there are pre coded bots available for use that you can add to your channel for your personal use. Categories, channels, conventions, etc

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Thank you for all the valuable infos, it really helped me to figure out what can I do!

Thanks a lot Zack, I had a clear idea about what can I do. So I decided to use Slack & Airtable combination, it looks great so far!

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At Avianca Virtual. We have created our site via Wix.com. It took a lot of time, but if you are looking for something that is easy to make and free, the wix.com or wordpress.com is the way to go! I personally like wix.com better because it has a way easier interface.

how do you pre-code bots? please pm

I recommend VAnet for a CC, it is free and very good. also for website if you are not too good with coding you can use Wix, it is free and if you want I can show you what you can do and help you if you want. if you want any help you can pm me.


I don’t pre code bots. There are bots coded by other people in the discord community that share their bots for others to use in their channels. If you want to code your own bot look up what language you’d like to use first and learn the basics

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