I need help for a photo

Please could 4 people spawn at the next gates in KLAS on the Expert server?

B20: American B738
B19: Avelo B738
B15: United B738
B14: Southwest Heart B738


You got all your people?

No, i just posted it. But I requested it in other media. If you can spawn at any of these gates you’d help me

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I’ll be Southwest!

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On the way.

okay guys. Wait till everyone has spawned. Thank you!

United should be there now

2 United spawned at the same gate 😂

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United is taken. Could you be the Amercan?

Take the new livery please :)

Fine, but for the record, I spawned in first!

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Roger, stand by.

Who is the american. May he take the TWA livery better? It has a bit of low quality on this one for some reason

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Lol, sorry

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

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Okay. we only need the Avelo at gate 19

“Except herpes! That s**t stays with you.”

Name the movie.

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The Hangover!

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Lol, Yes Sir! Haha, I watched it yesterday!

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It’s done! Thank you everyone! I’ll share the results :)