I need help finding an airport

I was wondering if there is every aiport on earth on if why can’t I find Borden Cadet Training Center. I can’t even find the airport code on the internet. If anyone knows please tell me what the airport code is.

Not all airports in the world are included in Infinite Flight. There are roughly 40,000 airports available to us in the app today. If its an airport thats currently under construction in real life, its unlikely that it’ll be in Infinite Flight.


The identifier is YBN, ICAO identifier CYBN.

Looks like it’s lightweight military cadet training so wouldn’t really show up.


The airport no longer exists today all that remains is the helicopter pad and a small section of the former runway 5/23 with the taxiway. Therefore it is not an operating airport and cant be flown too unless by helicopter

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFB_Borden

Thanks for the help.