I need help deciding

[DONE Bought SoFlo] Okay so I have 5$ and I’m torn apart on if I should buy the South Florida or Colorado region, I’m looking for longer flight so that’s why I’m leaning towards Florida but how active is Florida on expert?


We always rotate between regions on expert


Ah I see, yeah I’m buying SoFlo

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Neither region is too active. They’re opened up every ONCE in a while, but not often enough.

If you want flat land and ocean/gulf views: Florida
If you want to be so high in the mountains that you can’t breathe and have challenging approaches: Colorado.


I love both regions

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get colorado if your looking for some more mountain terrain with some more challenging landings.

Colorado is just plain awesome.

true. haha i live in colorado its sick haha

Colorado is really cool. The KASE (aspen) approach is awesome.

I made a connection flight in Denver it is pretty awesome

I prefer Florids as it has more larger airports but Colorado is good too

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