I need help climbing to a higher altitude!

When I cross around 23,000~ my plane starts losing airspeed real fast and I have to push throttle to N1 100%+ and use trim to maintain altitude increase. When I manage to reach 36,000~ my airspeed is around 120 - 130 knots and flaps full and constant use of trim. Load was at 35% which is quite light during flight time. AND TO all those that will complain saying WHY fly so high in IF? Its because I want to simulate a REAL FLIGHT! :)

FYI Airplane used was a A388 Super.

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Your V/S is too high, try decreasing it.


It all depends on your VS, if it’s over 4,000 you’re going to have problems :)


You don’t even know my V/S first of all! I start at 1700-2300 fpm till 20,000 then I go at 1000-1500 fpm till 36,000. I think it is pretty reasonable fpm.


Have you guys ever had problems climbing to FL360- FL 380?

Till FL250 I maintain a airspeed of 240kts, but right after that it starts dropping slowly but steadily.

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I don’t see the problem… Sure, you do have to keep a pretty high N1 but the model is one of the oldest in the game so i’m not surprised…


What settings did you use to climb and how?

What do you mean “How?”

The settings is quite visible. Weight at 36%, 26C Ground temp, no special winds…

I actually used 5000fpm v/s up until FL250, from there i went down to 3000fpm. No issues at all.


What take off speed?

I fail to see the relevance with that, but take off was around 170kts, then i maintained around 240-250 all the way up. IAS.


It could also be weight or temperature, maybe? I don’t think take-off speed matters. If the speed on ascend is normal, you should be fine.

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Whats does IAS stand for?

Indicated air speed…


Tried it in a 787, a 747 and an a380 and it was fine.

@schyllberg I do the same thing in a 787. 5200 fpm to 20,000 and then 3600 fpm to 36,000 ft.

Simple strategy with may heavy aircraft with good load.

Firstly climb to 3000 at around 170-190knots once reached 3000. Retract the flaps and gain a speed of 250knots (airspeed)

Secondly climb to 17,000 at V/S of around 3000. (When you pass 12,000 increase speed up to around 320)

Thirdly continue climb at that rate with that speed until 26,000

Fourthly watch your speed. Turn off the autopilot that controls the speed and stay as close to the over speed warning as possible and trying not to activate it. At that point lower the VS to 1800.

Fifthly once at 30,000 lower the V/S to 1000 and after that adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps


Why are you at full flaps?

You shouldn’t have your flaps extended at that altitude.


@Tim_B If I am flying at 120 kts - 130 kts if I dont have full flaps imma do a aerodynamic stall on a A380.
@Janaid Ill try your steps. Thanks!


Right…but why are you climbing in a Super at 120 knots?


@Tim_B Thats what happens when I attempt to climb to a high altitude. And as I said my throttle is at 100%. Anyways Ill try again later with the instructions I received.