I need help choosing an airline!

So this July I’ll be flying out to Missouri and I need help choosing an airline. My route is MCO to STL or SGF (either works). Any help and/or advice is appreciated!

Are you looking non-stop? If so fly Frontier, LOL I’ve never flown them. Southwest, I’ve never flown them either. Fly United, they are great.


I’m pretty sure only Southwest flies that so that narrows it down considerably…

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Yes Southwest does fly there… though Frontier seems cheap, well IF you are looking for cheap.

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I would go with Southwest, it is the only direct flight and a lot cheaper than flying a mainline carrier and stopping like Delta MCO-ATL-STL or something like that

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I’ve flown frontier before, and well, it wasn’t great. but it’s good to consider it, thanks!

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  • Southwest Airlines or Frontier MCO to STL direct.
  • Allegiant Air Orlando Sanford to SGF direct


  • American Airlines/American Eagle MCO to DFW to SGF/STL
  • Delta Air Lines MCO to ATL to SGF/STL
  • United Airlines MCO to IAH to SGF/STL

Shortest distance would be the Delta option to St. Louis but it comes down to timings.


Feeling creative? Cost doesn’t matter? Flight time doesn’t matter?

  • MCO to DFW on American
  • DFW to Tokyo on Japan Airlines
  • Tokyo to London on British Airways
  • London to Atlanta to SGF/STL on Delta.

Woah. I’ll be looking into this, thanks! 😁

Thats amazing omg

If pricing matters and you’re looking for the cheapest flight, I’m guessing some airlines offer discounts for some connections.

So with Southwest Airlines, you could fly from Orlando with a stopover Dallas-Love, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, San Antonio, Houston-Hobby or some other cities then onto St. Louis.

Or fly direct


LOL, I was going to say that I was afraid it was gonna get flagged

Me too haha so I deleted it after a few mins

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NVM don’t fly United Kriby is CEO, RIP.

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Looks like Frontier is offering flights from Orlando to St. Louis direct on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Here’s a one-way $59 standard fare for the flight, or $39 with whatever that membership thing is:

Southwest is more expensive:

Allegiant from Orlando Sanford to Springfield is solid, $52-$60 one-way, but I think you have to drive a bit to Sanford?


This is if price matters, or if you’d like to fly one of these airlines


If you want the quickest route, I suggest MCO-LHR, then LHR-ICN, than ICN-SEA, then finally SEA-STL.

My actual suggestion:

If you want speed, fly Frontier…

If you want quality, fly Delta…

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I think it really comes down to southwest or frontier because of the current conditions. But drive time doesn’t matter, I’ll have to drive two-three hours after landing in STL.

That won’t be affecting anything related to the service for now, nothing happens instantly and especially not something so big… Kirby is actually expected to lead the airline very well.

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I really wish my country was like this - you have to take a plane to get to another place in the same country.

For us all we have to do to get to one end to the other end is a drive about 1h30mins.

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Take Allegiant

Uhhh. Lol!