I need help changing my ifc password

Hi, I want to change my IFC password but I am having some trouble doing so, when I click on the change password button which is supposed to send an email to me, I don’t get an email, even after looking in my spams. so can someone plz tell me how to fix it, or who to ask help for.

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Wait a few minutes, sometimes the email doesn’t come through right away.

Also, make sure you’re sending it to the correct email (make sure everything is spelled correctly).


I waited 3 hours

I just tried it & got the email right away.

Do you have the correct email down?

Yeh, I do…

Have you received other emails within the timespan you’ve requested an password change?

I found it in my spam somehow, ig I have to many spam emails to find an ifc one, thx for trying to help me @Darius_Glover

No problem!


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