I need help! Can someone get me in contact with a violation manager!? My account is glitched

So over a week ago I received a level 3 violation which was definitely my fault. This bumped me down to grade 2. To get back to grade 3, it said I must have no level 3 violations in the past week. It says it’s been 8 days yet I’m still grade 2. Can someone help? I will attach images for further clarity!


All you need to do to refresh your stats is to do a quick flight on the casual or training server, then restart your app. This will 99% of the time solve your issue. If it doesn’t work, tag me and I’ll take a look for you

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Thank you so much! I’ll try that right now!

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@yayaa123 did it work?

If that doesn’t work, you’ve probably already done this, make sure your requirements are met for grade 3. E.g you have enough landings

Yes sir! Thank you so much!

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Issue resolved