I need help after ATC ghosted me for misunderstanding!

So basically I was flying on FNF, and I Contact tower for inbound at KRNO, then tower told me That I’m number 2 traffic is on final, so I have the traffic on final on my Sight

. But then the atc started to say that I’m not following instruction and that I will be Ghosted, well i didn’t understand anything because I had traffic on my sight and it’s on final, and I was cleared to land! So Later on I found out that the traffic was behind me and was not the one I was looking in front! This isn’t the ATC fault or any aircraft fault but there was a misunderstanding and is there anyway I could go back to Grade 3? I need help.

Contact the controller via PM


You mean the only way tfor me to go back to Grade 3 is to contact the ATC?

Yes, that is the only way

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No contact them to get things sorted out…

How to Contact him? Because I’m new here is IFC

Who was your controller?

Click on their profile, then click “message”

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In IF or here in IFC?

Here on IFC

I will inform the controller and they should reach out to you.

Alright I’ll try, thank you anyways!

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Here is the ATC name image|830x383

He has been informed. He will contact you when he gets a chance


Thanks, This isn’t ATC fault, I know that sequencing aircrafts is hard, but this was a misunderstanding. Thank you very much Guxk for helping me!

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No problem, happy to help!

Traffic on final was United 60. The other aicraft was on final runway 34L. You were #2 runway 34R.

I’ve sent you several warnings, you should pay attention at tower’s frequency…

You are totally correct, no mistake, it’s just I’m way front than him so I didn’t knew it was him, especially when my map is small, the aircraft on 34L appears to be on 34R, This isn’t your fault or the aircraft fault, it was unclear to me. So could you help me with my grading please?

Yes you did sent warning, but I wasn’t clear on why you gave me warning!