I need Help a350

I can’t understand why when I drive a350 when I take off or during the journey or even in the descent phase the plane starts swinging left and right, as soon as I activate the flaps it settles down a bit someone can explain to me why it behaves like this thanks


Hmm, what is the wind like? I’ve never had an issue with the A350,

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Strange behavior…
try at same conditions with another airplane, like the 777 or 787-10 to see if it is model related or from another source. Blue skies

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Hmmm… Sounds like you went through near-hurricane like crosswinds. It’s happened to me on Solo before, practicing butters at KIAD. Heck, I got turned sideways the crosswinds were so strong. Do you know where to find the current winds on the screen?


What is your cruise altitude? You may be too heavy.

Or that too…

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At what speed were you flying and what was your weight? Sounds like you were about to stall tbh, would also explain why it stopped for a bit when you put the flaps down

Drive!!! Drive!!! You FLY a plane.

Just kidding - just found that funny.


To answer your query - maybe you are too heavy and you are climbing/descending at too low a speed and cruising to high for your weight

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Sorry 😂😂I put the fuel to the maximum the weight of the passengers to the maximum and maximum luggage and in any case I managed to get off the ground without problems

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I don’t know about you when I take the delta goes crazy the other yesterday I made 6 hours from London Heathrow to Johnson and I crashed on the runway because the plane continues to do the same thing instead with ethiopian and everything is fine and I noticed that even if there is no it’s the wind the plane starts not to have control and continues to swing left and right continuously even if i turn off the autopilot the problem does not disappear, today i piloted again with ethiopian a350 it was all right no anomalies everything performed perfectly

The plane swinging back and forth is a classic sign that you are going too slow for your weight. If it happens again, note your weight load and speed at the time and let us know.


But my plane does not create problems back and forth problem is on the sides that goes left and right.
On the full passenger full fuel plane full baggage will be why it does not stop swinging left and right?

I think we are talking about the same thing. Without a video or replay it is hard to tell but 90% sure you were too slow from the description. Especially when you say adding flaps makes the problem go away.

Or put the flaps at maximum in the landing phase at a speed of 200 also 190 but the problem still continues perhaps the problem is the weight?

Yes. You are going too slow for your given weight.

Can you do another flight and record your screen when it happens? Without any specific details such as your speed, weight, altitude, wind we are all just guessing.

If I can, I’ll send it on Saturday, okay for you? I’m full this week

Thats fine. Just keep an eye on speed next time it happens.

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