I need fuel ._

Hi! I’m currently on red of fuel, no winds, and i need fuel. My plane is like burning up fuel way to fast.

Can someone refuel me?

What aircraft are you in?

My suggestion is if possible, divert to a suitable airport. You can look at winds ahead of time for fuel planning

B737-900 over St Louis

You can’t refuel in that. Divert or crash, that’s all you can do. I suggest heading to Kansas City, and start by descending to FL120 to save fuel.


You unfortunately can’t refuel, but try descending if you are heavy, climbing if you are light and make sure your flaps/gear is 0/up.

How much fuel do you have (in time and weight) and how far is it to your destination (time and distance)?

Adding onto what @IF787 said, you can use one engine while descending. Can you make it to your TOD?

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you can also, if you are light enough, use single engine cruise to reach KC or wherever you’re diverting to

An aircraft will burn more fuel during level flight with only one engine. I wouldn’t recommend shutting any down during level flight.


@InfiniteFlightDeck @IF787 It depends which aircraft I am not sure about the 737. I can confirm the A350 and A380 burn less fuel on one engine tho.

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Ok, don’t think that’s how it is supposed to work… but then IF physics aren’t great in abnormal situations


Well someone (can’t remember who) flew 45 hours nonstop with one engine cruise.

Divert to KMCI. Run on a low speed. Whats your fuel ETA?

29% i was at 49% when i took off. Pretty sure something is wrong with fuel.

Your gear/flaps are up… right?

Did you have a lot of cargo/pax? And what was your cruising alt?

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Yup (10word)

29% is a lot. How long ago did you take off?

Im sure you can easily divert

Cruising Altitude and load please?

Nothing should be wrong with the fuel. I suggest using fpltoif.com/simbrief to create your flight plans, using 30-50% positive trim, and step climbing during your flights.

Right now my Load is 63% and cruising is 31,500