I need five people for a photo shot of aircraft

Hello I’m looking for fiver people who can join me on live server casual at EDDP please reply and ill tell you what aircraft to spawn in and we’re to spawn and what to Do

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Me please!! Happy to do it

When will this be held? Thanks/

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Alright your my first selection once more people or at least three more people have asked to join in I want you to spawn in as DHL 757-200f EDDP DHL apron 4 DHL 411

Did u meeeaaan me ??

You will spawn in as 757-200f DHL apron 4 409 EDDP

Should i spawn now???

You both please…

Not yet I need one more person

Ok but ill be ready so i spawn now

You can go ahead and spawn for the photo shot

You can also go ahead and spawn

Sorry, I cannot make it (I’m 40mins from LAX

Alright then happy landing

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When i spawn my aircraft goes under the ground

You can go ahead and spawn in EDDP causal server DHL apron 4

Try again restart your app

Ok im there apron 409

Casual server?

Yes im on casual but im on mobile so i need to change to community and IF