I need event photos

Hi, I’m looking into making a fly-in/out event and I need photos because I don’t have live, so if your reading this can you please send me some eye-catching arrival or departure photos from BIG hubs around the world and state which airport it is (also please make sure the aircraft is good as well)


My suggestion would be to buy live… But that’s all you.

What you can always do is use the fly-in airports logo as the picture

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I won’t be able to have live for about 3 weeks

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Step 1 - Take a look there and find pictures you like.
Step 2 - PM the user and ask for permission to use their photo. If they say no or don’t reply, do not use their photo.
Step 3 - Buy live. Its sort of hard to have an event if you cant see anyone else.


I could take a few shots for you. Any specific airport you will be using?

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not really, just big hubs

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Ok, thanks I’ll do that


You can use this…


Take off from OAK…

I’ve changed it, can you please send me pics for the following airports: KLAX, EGLL, EHAM, YSSY, OMDB, KJFK, KSFO and KJFK please

Look here, these are the airports I’d like please


Can I ask, why do you need these photos for, just asking?

It literally says in the title, for an event and I don’t have live, all is explained at the top

Yes, I get what you want, but for what purpose?

Because everyone has photos for events so I need some too

The purpose is to use them for the event

How will you have an event without live?

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I was about to ask that. =)

I’m making the event for when I get live back

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I meant I don’t have live at the moment

Oh ok, that makes a lot of sense now. I will see what I can do for you.