I need ATC

I need good ATC at TS1.
Can anyone help me out here?


Amsterdam would be good… I won’t mind any region anyway…

If you want good ATC,you might wanna go to expert server.

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Can’t. I’m still grade 2! I wanna get up there!

Then, just fly a lot and do touch and go’s to obtain XP and Flight hours and you’ll get there.

Yup! Thanks for the advice. I’m already doing that.

Anyone giving me ATC???

I can actually. I’m crappy at Tower and Ground but kinda good at sequencing in Approach.

Are you on Zello?

If you are, I won’t mind Zello ATC…

No I am not.

Okay then… I’m okay with normal ATC…

Which region though??

@AdamCallow Thanks for moving it! I forget all the time.

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The region is up to you

Let’s fly London, EGLL-EGBB…

Is that okay with you?

Yes it is.

Okay… I’m starting IF now. See you there!

I’ll be Approach I guess…?