I need ATC at YMML on expert is it possible?

Is it possible i can get ATC at YMML on expert? It’s ok if i can’t!

Controllers in Australia may be asleep I think

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ATC are volunteers and not always free. Why not join the effort to help out. Thanks for understanding.


Check this out for more informations:

Looks like @Declan_O just opened YMML!


Yes! I’m landing in about 25!

Looks like you just got lucky.

Just be aware, like said above IFATC are volunteers and open in their own time, and we stick to strict rules on where to open in the schedule, we can get approval from Tyler himself to control outside of the schedule at an event or such that would need to be under control. Today for example we’re allowed to open anywhere we feel is home, within reason.

You can request ATC on this thread for Training Server!

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