I need an ATC

Hello, Im hosting a fly-in into Dublin and the ATC that was supposed to attend is not able to join, could he have a sustitute? We are arriving soon to EIDW. ATIS, Ground and Tower at least :)

Is it in expert?

I don’t think you’ll receive any ATC today for EIDW because of the FNF and EIDW is not featured, unless all the FNF airports are full then you might get some ATC but this is more than likely not to happen.

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Yes sir, expert server

Due to today being a Friday, FNF scheduled takes priority over. And as EIDW is not on the event list, all other FNF airports would have to be controlled before any other non-event airports are opened.

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Sorry I don’t have IFATC.

Ah I though regions are 24/7

Except on Friday

OH bruh, sad :(

No not on Friday, with the FNF, or Tuesday, which is ATC Free Day (we can open anywhere in the world and are not confined with the region airports)

Pursuant to the IFATC manual, under subsection 1A.6.2, point 3, it states that:


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