I need advices to improve my flights


I’am nearly at 100 hours of flights and I just have 64,000XP, were some players have 100 000+ XP at the same hours of flight as me. That’s mean I’m doing some mistakes during my flights. @Laurens already gave me some tricks/advices, It helped a lot, but not enough.

Even after a lot of practice, and reading @Aernout and others tutorials, I still have some issue. (For doing a smooth transition when I activate/deactivate the Autopilot, or when I am starting my approach, always to high, some my descent is important (1900vs/m) for e.g.). And, I very rarely do violations these days.

So, do you know from were the problem can be? And what can I do to earn more XP at the end of my flights?

Your help & advices will be really appreciated,
Captain M.

Okey I’ll give it a try:

When engaging A/P always look that the FlightPathVector is in the same position as the pitch indicator. Also: never activate A/P in turns.
Before disengaging always calibrate your device for a smooth transition.

When approaching airports, start descending rather early than too late. There are some formulas on how to calculate your descent parameters. I don’t use them that much. You’ll get a good sense of this over time.

And about the XP: I’ll only have 47k XP but I play this game for fun not for XP.

Happy landings!


Yes, I know, I also play for fun. Not for XP. But, I learned the the more XP you have, the more your flights are realistic - so it means my flights aren’t. XP is just a way for me to know if my flights are realistic or not.

For Calibration, it works sometimes before landing.
But I N-E-V-E-R arrived to do a sooth transition after takeoff, any advices for takeoff ?

This depends pretty much on the pilot’s habits.
Those with more thousands of XP than flight hours most likely do short flights and/or touch & goes, while pilots which prefer doing long flights earn less. It’s because XP is based mostly on the quality of your landings than on your flight time.

The pic shows how many XP you can earn in one hour of touch & goes: image

Wow! 3,659XP :o

Is 30 minutes considered as a short flight?
And what is a “Good Quality Landing”?

30 minutes… That’s a lot. I consider a short flight everything below 15 minutes.

Good quality means touching down smoothly (the smoother you land, the more XP you earn), with less than -200 ft/min at the moment of touchdown.

With your help, I’m doing -500 ft/min landings, still a lot, sadly.
I will try to practice more!

That’s pretty rough…

It helps a little if you watch the Autoland landing from the HUD view (praying attention expecially on the FPV), and then try to land in the same way.

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Try to do long flights with multiple Touches in airports. Not much Direct as you are doing currently ;)

You earn 10 XP for every minute of flying, whether you are flying manual landing, auto or anything in between.
You also earn landing points which are based on quality of landing and difficulty of LANDING, for example, crosswinds.
Here is an example of the points earned for a difficult landing. My personal best is 277


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How Can I do a smooth touch & go?

Here is a sample landing by Tyler Shelton
Try to do it like he is in the video


Very smooth, but sounded like he didn’t set the throttles to idle before touching down.

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Thanks a lot!

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