I need advice for plane spotting at Austin intl

Where is the best place to spot at KAUS?


hi there!

you can check spotterguide.net and then search up KAUS and it will show you the recommended spotting locations for the airport.

and if any community members know of any places around there as well!

I know @Suhas is an Austin native

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The one time I visited AUS, I spotted at the greenwood cemetery off of East Riverside Dr. It’s great for 18R afternoon arrivals.

The other spots I had intended to spot at was the official spotting park at the end of Golfcourse Rd, it’s great for morning to noon 18L/36R action.

Another spot for 36L arrivals the side-road just south of Burleson Rd. The link AviationFreak gave also gives some more spots.


Austin doesn’t have so many intl arrivals which is a bummer

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Yah, they got some evening British Airways 789 service. I believe Virgin Atlantic is to fly there soon but I cannot confirm.

I also remember that Air Canada operates morning (or afternoon) flights.

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Spot on a Monday this summer. It’ll be great.

Austin’s four European airlines will all arrive on Monday:

  • 2:15 PM Lufthansa A330-300
  • 3:59 PM Air Canada E175
  • 4:05 PM Virgin Atlantic 787-9
  • 4:05 PM KLM 787-9
  • 4:15 PM British Airways A350-1000

This is right under the approach path for 18R, which is where the cargo jets and other heavies land. Hawaiian I think is in the morning, BA comes in during the evening, and Lufthansa will be starting flights in a few weeks.

I’ve heard Live Oak Brewing is good for spotting under 18L. They also have a disc golf course.


I’m going for 2 days. I’m doing a gap year. I will be in la and San Francisc. Most likely will spot when Im there aswell.

Family viewing area. Has views of runway 18L and 36R. Also if you head over to the south terminal there is a dirt mound right by the tower. There is also a cemetery along 18R and 36L. The last 2, you will probably be asked to leave but the family viewing area is my go to spot.

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Thx Kamryn, I got some cool shots. I will be posting later in the afternoon once I upload them from my camera to my phone

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question, do you guys think I would be able to spot from a lets say… 15 story building right by the capitol building?? 😂

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ok but im being dead serious lmao

How’s your lens? My office is closer than this and planes look preeetty small with the naked eye from there.

i mean, I can zoom onto things from like 5-7 miles away and still see stuff…

KAUS is constantly growing at a very fast rate they are planing on building a terminal in 2024 which will look like Gatwick.

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