I need a VA that uses discord

I am looking for a VA that uses discord to communicate.

Check out the IFVARB database: https://ifvarb.com/database.php

It’ll show the list of VA/VO and what platform they use when you click on them

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Ok, thank you!

Discord is not allowed in IFVARB approved VAs/VOs as far as I’m concerned

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I just read through the rules and Discord is allowed. They recommend slack though


FedEx Virtual uses discord and is IFVARB approved.

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Is there no other VA other than FXDVA that uses discord?

As already mentioned, you can use the ifvarb website and check wich VA uses discord by visiting their website. You can also check the #live:va category for more information regarding the main communication platform of each VA / VO.


Oh yeah, I’m messed up a bit. Discord is allowed as messenger, but voice based communication is banned on the IFC

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I fly for @VirtualPorter and we use discord. We’re also IFVARB approved so I think a VA can use Slack or Discord according to their own preference.

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Aer Lingus VA uses discord.

Answers provided above 😊