I need a team.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have been developing a VA, it has already entered the IFVARB approval process. I need people that are reliable and that are permanently dedicated to developing a professional VA. Dm me for more info.

Hey @TheCuriousPilot644!
You can only post in #live:va, if your VA/VO is fully approved.
Thank you!


Why does a VA have to be approved? Cant I just create one and promote it…

I noticed that in your biography it said CEO of DHL VA,do you want a staff team for it?

It’s IFVARB rules and regulations. Although you an inquire about creating a VA such as asking people what their thoughts would be, asking people to join said VA is advertising and if it’s not approved then it’s not allowed. Such as this one

Ok EDIT: seeing it already in the application stages would be fine, as @SimpleWaffles said, pm people you know and ask them if they want to join or if they know anyone

EDIT 2: And responding your question, if that was allowed, the IFC would be overrun and there would be 15 American Virtual’s, without some form of system it would be complete mayhem


Maybe try PM ing people you know well to see if they want to join.

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That seems very controlling if he is already going through all of these hoops to set it up and get it approved…tell you what if I ever start a VA I won’t be advertising it on here with some regulatory group iv never heard of…I’ll just spend a few hundred bucks advertising it online… that would be more fun anyway :).

Thats fine by me, but your VA will do better on the IFC, every VA has to do it, and there are rules in place, I’ve gone though the system 4 times, and I don’t know anyone who is really annoyed at the system


And thats your opinion, i’ll continue in Pm

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I think it makes total sense that IFC has a regulated system for organising VAs (organising should not mean controlling or manipulating) in the sim. All the other flight sim aviation networks do that (IVAO, VATSIM, etc) and as @Connor mentioned, prevents mayhem (VA duplicates, etc…). This doesn´t stop you from freely create your own VA asides from the IFC approved network.

@ TheCuriousPilot644 good luck finding staff for your VA!


Agree with you 100%…organizing is the key word there. Not what my problem is but I would be happy to PM ya on it.

I think that if you had issues previously with your attempted VA, maybe you could politely discuss this with the IFVARB Board, and if not satisified expose your case to any of the higher mods of IFC, I am just a member, and can only express my opinion…

Uhuh…thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately this is not permitted as per the IFVARB’s guidelines. Once you are approved you can post this sort of thing. Best of luck to you and your VA.

What’s the VA?

I’d love to be a part of your staff. Send me a pm (I already sent you but in-case you didn’t get it) we’ll look together.
Good day :)

I hope the VA works out well

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