I need a route

Reply Below for route!


Server: Expert
ETA: Must be 1:15 or less
ATC: Must Start or finish at a open ATC controlled airport.
Trust Level: Basic User
**Answer **: 3 Times MAX
Message me for questions! I’m open literally every day

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Hey, check here for some great suggestions!

Check here please before posting

You only need to create a topic when it’s necessary. Please use the links we have provided.

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In addition to the great links and resources everyone else has provided, here’s a blog post that could be useful!

Hey, didn’t you already create a similar topic?

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@TheAviationGallery that was not for me

Just saying, a lot of the topics you posted today had to do with routes, there’s already a route recommended list for 2020. Ask there, or check them in the future, and adding on, don’t just make a topic for simple questions, make a meaningful post that doesn’t take 30 seconds to make. Quality or Quantity. Please remember that. And utilize the search bar. It’s there for a reason.


Okay, but do check for similar topics before creating another… you’ve created 15 topics, and most of them are similar to those that are already created.

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Still. Please read the guidelines and utilize the search bar before posting. As others have mentioned, you have created 15 topics in the past 48 hours.

There’s a recommended route list for 2020 as well as a weekly community routes list that are for your utilization.