I need a moderator to help me create an event for a flight please

I need a moderator to help me please

Hello Cole,

You can always PM a moderator by clicking the “message” icon on any of their profiles.

However, it appears that you need help with TL (as you can’t post) and with the formatting, so make sure to check out the pinned topic in the #live:events category!


See you around!


You’re currently TL1, meaning you can’t post an event yet. Maybe that’s the reason you’re struggling?
Keep posting and contributing, then feel free to post one when you’re TL2. Make sure you follow the guidelines linked above and if you do need any help the mods are just a PM away.

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Can you say what you need help with? Some details will go a long way.

As you are new to the IFC you cannot post in #live:events just yet. However you can post in #live:groupflights. If you provide some questions perhaps one of the helpful members will PM you with some advice.


I already have someone helping me out ok

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