I need a moderator please

I have a question for a moderator

Send a PM to them, thanks.

Please send a pm


This doesn’t go in #support as that’s only for in-app issues, not the forum @James_Browne, @bryce_c as stated above pm a mod, there’s no need to make a topic because if everyone made a topic every time they needed to contact a mod the forum would be extremely cluttered up


This would probably go in ’meta’

I think it’s probably fine in #general

I’m pretty sure my comment isn’t the most important thing here


It’s all fine where it is. Please refrain from further discussing the proper location as this will be (most likely) be closed as soon as the mods are aware and have received the PM anyways.

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@JulianB had already clarified the steps the OP needed to take to get his issue resolved, in future please refrain from trying to moderate when you’re unsure yourselves as to whether something should or shouldn’t be. Key words being “I think” and “probably”. If you don’t know, don’t say 😉