I need a mod

I should have you guys on speed dial, I got an acrobatics violation in an attempt to rectify a calibration issue, I could not pitch down after take off, I did all I could to avoid acrobatics, and I still got one , this is ridicules, I’ve got over 350 landings in the past 3 months and not a single issue, this needs to be fixed, PLEASE contact me ASAP to see if I can get this reversed! Thank you

Simply PM @appeals for violations

You should contact @appeals, good luck!

Please contact @appeals

  • Press 1 for Tech Support.
  • Press 2 for Emotional Reassurance.
  • Press 3 for Regular Promotion.
  • Press 4 for Scathing Remarks.
  • Press 5 for Career Advice.

But really, we’ll see you over at appeals. Cheers!


Spicy memes can be found on line 6. Just give a holler.


Let it go remix can be found on line 7. Just warming up the vocals.


Declan, seriously. You’ll have the voice acting job in my game if you want it that bad. Just spare me your idea of a song…


That’s a deal mate. If I become a voice actor, then this is what I’ll say to my other career… let it gooooo, let it gooo.