I Need a Link on Live Flight Connect a Third Party one

yeah thats what im talking about

the windows version wont work


This is what you need to search, I’ve used Lonely Screen. Free and amazing. There are other paid options too.

well ive tried lonely screen mirroring 360 and others but none of them wont work either but the only option i have is LFC and i want it sometimes to be an FSX gaming and using the keyboard instead.

If you want to use LiveFlight with your FSX stock or your gaming keyboard, then LiveFlight doesn’t offer mirroring services. Your computer will not show Infinite Flight like your iPad does. Hope this helps!

ok good comment and i respect but I was just saying that I just want to feel like im playing FSX,not use it on FSX

Okay I understand. Are you sure that Lonely screen doesn’t work for you? You might want to see if there are any other mirroring programs that work for you.

ive tried many of these mirroring stuff but none work

What type of device do you have?

an iPad Mini 4…

You are saying you don’t have a Mac by chance? For $15 there is an app called Reflector2, very solid and no lag.

well I have flat screen pc

ill give it a try…

well it wont conect…

Well then I don’t know what other ways there are for connecting your iPad screen to your computer. Do you have a Bluetooth keyboard by chance?

no i dont have one…

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