I Need a Link on Live Flight Connect a Third Party one

I really need help on this one because I am so tired of extracting the original file.

What? You need explain this better

i might be able to send you the executable file via a zip folder
lmk if you want it

he’s asking for an outside source to the live flight connect executable file

ok hold on a sec ok…

LiveFlight Connect - There are a bunch of tutorials on there with a download link.

LiveFlight - Track Yourself :D

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antek is right…

yeah sure …

Balloon got you. Those files are accurate!

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i’ll send it to you when i get home i’ll pm you later

ohhh thanks at first i didnt saw that but thank you!

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ok sure think…


Yep! If those tutorials don’t help you then contact back or PM @Cameron [LiveFlight Developer]

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well you gave me the radar but i want the mirroring like both of your devices are playing IF

I have no clue what you are saying… Just PM Cameron. :/

check the link:https://connect.liveflightapp.com/windows/download

Yeah… And…???

So you want the Sim in your iPad to be mirrored to a PC?

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Well i was talking that link because Im so freaking tired of downloading and extracting the file.