I need a graphic.

I need a page heder graphic for this event,

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You can make one easily. Just take a picture, and use PiktoChart and add in some words. Then, screenshot what you made and you’re done!

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You can kindly ask @Kuba_Jaroszczyk if they will make one for you.

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Are ya know… ahem ahem, you can ask me. 😏

Ok. Yeah, I just need a header to make the topic look more “formal”, If you just want to PM it to me so that no one steals it.

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What do you need I make stufff like that all the time

But nick better so lol

I might try making one. Be sure to shoot me a PM. Thanks.

I have helped a few other people on designing event pictures.


Highly recommend canva.com. Lots of easy to edit templates. For event banners, I find Blog Banner or Soundcloud Banner templates work best.

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