I need a 12 hour flight ASAP

Hey, guys, I can’t seem to find a 12-hour flight to EHAM on a website. Can someone give me one? Thanks.


Give me a sec and I’ll pull some real quick.

From Cape Town and Lima are 11, I’ll look for some 12

With the KLM 747-400

Every time you ask us this question, we always direct you to the same place.

Just go to FPLtoIF and set it up like this:

It always will end up setting EHAM as departure tho, and winds will be totally different going the other way

Yes, but when I set it for arrival, it always puts it as the departure airport. Trust me I try before every one of these topics.

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Hmm interesting, I always just use SimBrief

Are looking for 12 hr flights in general or just ones to Amsterdam?

Ones to EHAM.

You can choose multiple ones here. Looks like there’s a glitch only giving ones from Amsterdam, but you can right down the ones your interested in & just reverse it.

For example: EHAM-SBGR is 12 hours, you can create your own & just to SBGR-EHAM.

hey hope i could help. Possibly if i think a 12 hour flight would be from sydney australia to delhi india.Nice route over malaysia indonesia singapore then making a turn to southern india also don’t forget cruising over the beautiful indian ocean. Go for it.


Hi, I believe EHAM to WIIII, Amsterdam to Jakarta would work for you. 12:23 hours.

Please see the flight plan details below.

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