I must protest!

Today I was issued a level 3 violation (my first) and I must speak my mind in protest. Here’s the scenerio; on approach into KSFO, tower went offline as I was descending to minimums. Seconds before touchdown, tower came back online and issued a contact request. At this point, I had disconnected the autopilot and was commited to the landing. I’m on a small device, so manipulating the controls (throttle, trim, rudder) is tricky enough- add to this the sudden request from ATC at a crucial point in my flight… well, I think I did what any responsible pilot would do- I committed myself to the landing and PILOTED my aircraft. Upon touchdown, my flight was killed and I recieved the level 3 violation for failing to communicate with an ATC controller who, mere moments before touchdown, hand gone offline, only to come back seconds later with the request to contact tower. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate- this is the rule for real-world pilots. I think I did the right thing. I don’t think I deserved the violation. It stinks, but it is what it is. If there is a process for appealing violations, can a fellow pilot point me in the right direction? Thanks for listening. Fly happy, fly safe!


Shoot an PM to @appeals and they’ll help you out.

I must say that’s really unfair as it happened to me before.

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So contacting with ATC comes last, flying the plane comes first.
I’d like to think they’d reverse the violation.


Hello! Please try to reach out to the controller who issued the violation! You can do this by going into the log book, finding the flight which you were violated on and checking the information to find out the ATC. If you talk to them and still feel the need to appeal please contact @appeals and they’ll help you out!

That said, said that you shouldn’t make topics to try and appeal your violation but instead should go directly to the ATC, thanks! :)

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I would recommend contacting @appeals so they can’t help assist you with this issue. Thanks!