I miss this simulator

My iPad broke a long time ago and I haven’t gotten a new one, I was grade four at the time and 2,100 hours lol and I miss this game so much and I know I’ve missed a lot I wish I could see what it looked like now a days because I did a lot on that account but now I don’t have a device to use for it now. Boy did I miss this game it’s good to be back on here though. I wish I could play the game again


What device are you using now

Looks magical, out of this world. The devs have done an amazing job👍 Hope to see you in the skies eventually.

Although you may not have a device, you could still enjoy this wonderful community!!

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Phone but i didn’t use it on here Because it’s so small and it died fast when playing

Yes I know I’m going to be active now on this

Plus when it broke I was just abt to go for ATC I was so mad,

@Tommy It’s very sad to hear this.

Out of interest, do you know roughly when you had to stop playing? (By the looks of it, 6 months).

And I’m sure your birthday is just round the corner, if not, then Christmas isn’t far either…

Hopefully when you return, you’ll be able to jump straight into the A350, and new 777 unlike us all having to wait! I was on holiday, and I had about a week without a subscription. I was doing other things constantly, but still missed it heavily. (I got time to fly the live cockpit A320 though!) I fly 24 hours a week on average… Sometimes long haul, most of the time short haul!

Yeah I sure hope so I miss the game and get jelous Bc I wanna fly so badly and it’s been a while

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